Sheila Anderson


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1) At what age did you find that you had a passion for art and how did it happen?

Passion all of my life, but life has been too busy with alternate focuses… now am returning and hope to take this part of my life more seriously.  I really love it and have found a vehicle to explore, expand and create my interests in visual arts.

2) How did your parents respond to your wish to be an artist?

My father always encouraged me, he was a bit of an artist (WWII prevented any constructive use of his skills, but he taught me to draw people using circles (or ovals) Though he encouraged me to pursue sketching and painting he was also adamant that I support myself…so job-skills took priority.

3) Can you name any other artists that you admire and tell us why?

Monet is my favourite, Jen Walden, Terry Pamplin, Rae Braeden, Dianne Boudreau and Jessica McVicker come to mind. I learn at every activity.

4) How would you describe your style as an artist?

Learning, always learning, have had the greatest fortune of working with the above listed pros. I always start at the bottom, use the tools, medium and creativity. I prefer to work in pencil with human subjects or pictures of humans. They prove most interesting subjects.

5) Please tell us about your upcoming work with Northern Sights?

If this relates to our 360 work then our planning was extensive. Planning large works with many participants takes time in order to produce a nuanced end result. The practices were involved and we found a nice balance of skills, image preferences and colour. We worked on 7 large panels depicting a balance of northern mining history, early contact between Europeans and Aboriginals, and current day events that spoke to us as artists. We avoided political, social-economic interpretations, allowing the work to speak for itself.

6) What kind of art would you like to see more of in the Northwest Territories?

Mixed presentations like BAM… that involve more senses at the same time, music, visual arts, like painting, dance and acting, and more if it can be coordinated.  It’s such an experience for the audience.

7) If there a young artist who is looking at finding their passion what advice would you give them?

Look for what attracts you to art… be it anything from paint to instruments or to ‘making stuff’ like masks, costumes, ideas that rev up your heart… and go for it. Use any means possible. Though not an ideal, it can be part of your life or all of it, your choice. But enjoy!

8) What would you like the future to hold for the artists in Northwest Territories?

Continue with BAM and develop sketching and painting skills. Have fine arts become as important to parents as sports for their children to embrace and enjoy.

9) If you could partner with anyone in the world living or passed who would it be and why?

I really like pencil sketches best; human forms are tops. Working with Terry has really helped me focus and continue to grow.  Baby steps first. Keeping my sights on small successes.

10) What is your next big project?

Nothing planned yet. Some day might try to display my sketches.