Riel Stevenson-Burke

Post Production Technician

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1) What community do you call home, and how long have you been in the North?

I Grew up skateboarding in Fort smith NT, I left fort smith to attend VFS (Vancouver Film School) spent about 4 years in Vancouver BC  before being scouted out by Amos Scott  and brought back to the north to edit and film his show on APTN - Dene A Journey....traveling with that TV show to so many communities  I was immersed back into the northern life style :) and I have not left since.

2) Before, during or after your project – what’s your favourite moment, the one that makes it all worth it?

My favourite moment after a crazy long project is watching people’s reactions to the work that goes into some of my tasks – it’s funny how much work can go into 2 minutes of motion design to have someone watch it with ease and they have no idea how long you spent on those 2 minutes, it’s like skateboarding you see one crazy big trick and  , but don't see your attempts or wipe outs - they only see the outcome and they people can toss it away like it was nothing.

3) Give us your top 3 bucket list must do’s in life:

I don't think like that.

4) Please tell us why you wanted to get involved with the Northern Sights Project?

I joined the project for the challenge of learning to work with the 360-footage mixed with motion design and 3D assets - just seems like a fun digital work you can walk in.

5) What kind of art would you like to see more of in the Northwest Territories?

I would like to see more collaborated projects with mixed medias and mixed talents.

6) If there a young creative artist who is looking at finding their passion what advice would you give them?

To anyone who is wanted to get-in to this line of work I would advise them to find a mentor see what worked for them and what did not, don't waste time thinking should I do it - if you want something to happen don't wait - make it happen - create & developed your own style through trial and error have fun with it :)

7) What would you like the future to hold for the artists in Northwest Territories?

The north needs a Media school / art college. This is what I would like to see happen in the north.

8) What’s your most favourite project you have worked on so far up North?

My favorite project I've work on in the north so far would be working on “Dene A Journey” and all the locations we traveled to and all the amazing people I met within those beautiful remote communities within the NWT.

9) If you could partner with anyone in the world living or passed who would it be and why?

If I could partner with anyone I would choose a cloned version of myself - this way I would get more work done!

10) What is your next big project?

My next big project is starting my own digital studio in Fort Smith and continue to work on a 3D animated dene legends story for NCS productions