Jessica McVicker


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1) At what age did you find that you had a passion for art and how did it happen?

I was always passionate about art. It was the first thing that ever appealed to me. I would always be working on the artistic rendition of a snow leopard or some landscape on the front cover of a science report instead of the science report in the early years of grade school. I really had no other aspirations.

2) How did your parents respond to your wish to be an artist?

My parents were incredibly abusive. Their treatment of me has given me huge obstacles in my life. Art has always appealed to me due to it being a great emotional outlet. To this day I need to do art regularly in order to have a balanced and good life. So in a sense my parents have been my inspiration.

3) Can you name any other artists that you admire and tell us why?

I admire Vincent Vangogh. His work emotes an emotional pull and he was incredibly brave in his artistic approach. Despite being unpopular during his lifetime as a painter he still was compelled to make fantastic and imaginative works of art.

Art can be incredibly competitive and difficult. You won't always experience praise for what took hours to make and it takes considerable dedication time, money, and a thick skin to continue despite adversity. I admire the artists who must create and have created in an innovative way.

4) How would you describe your style as an artist?

My style has changed as time goes on. I have been influenced by various artists and artistic styles over the years including impressionism, The Group of Seven and Art Nouveau. I believe in evolution and not being static as an artist. At the moment I enjoy not blending and showing my various mark-making. I also love to incorporate lines and circles into my work.

5) Please tell us about your upcoming work with Northern Sights?

Visual artistry can be a lonely profession. It was nice to have an opportunity to work with other creative individuals.

6) What kind of art would you like to see more of in the Northwest Territories?

I would like to see more galleries where people can have art shows and see original artwork and to meet the artists to talk over their process. I would like to see more forums where artwork can be shown and then we can talk about content.

7) If there a young artist who is looking at finding their passion what advice would you give them?

If you really want to do art then practice all the time and get better at your skills. Work on speed and accuracy and possibly find a school which can teach you how to draw, paint and understand the human form. Don't get caught up in creating a style or finding yourself right away.

8) What would you like the future to hold for the artists in Northwest Territories?

More opportunities for artists who are in the intermediate stage of their career or even more opportunities for any artists. I feel there are not enough places to show artwork or call outs for artists in the Northwest Territories.

9) If you could partner with anyone in the world living or passed who would it be and why?

I would have loved to have partnered up with someone who tried to change the world such as the John Lennon. Using art as a meaningful tool to help the world be a kinder and gentler place is something I am intrinsically drawn to.

10) What is your next big project?

Aside from creating paintings and attending art shows I have some projects that I am beginning to pursue but would rather keep it a secret until I have established all their details.