Jen Walden


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1) At what age did you find that you had a passion for art and how did it happen?

From the time I was old enough to hold a crayon. I have always found delight and solace working with colours and in any medium. This passion has been a part of my fabric since day one.

2) How did your parents respond to your wish to be an artist?

My parents were always supportive of my interests and encouraged me to follow art – but always with the idea that I should have another career option in my back pocket…. As making a living as an artist is extremely difficult. This did not stop me from pursuing art at every turn. They have always been proud of my accomplishments encouraging me to push further.

3) Can you name any other artists that you admire and tell us why?

I have been fascinated for some time with artists of the Renaissance period. I am amazed at how they worked with limited materials, made many of their tools and paints from scratch and strove for perfection. I’m a big fan of Caravaggio for his moody, emotional, dynamic paintings, as well as Artemisia as a woman pushing to be an accepted artist in the time of the renaissance when woman were not considered “able” to be artists.

4) How would you describe your style as an artist?

I would call myself an “Expressionistic” artist. I work in images that are Not Abstract, nor are they true realism…Emotions drive the movement of each piece, creating an expression of a time or place.

5) Please tell us about your upcoming work with Northern Sights?

It’s always exciting to work in a group, participating as part of a collaboration and seeing where the process takes you.

6) What kind of art would you like to see more of in the Northwest Territories?

Art made by young people. Art loses value in a society that is not exposed to it on a regular basis. I want to see young people exposed to art more and encouraged to engage in it in a hands on way all the time.

7) If there a young artist who is looking at finding their passion what advice would you give them?

Don’t stop, trust your gut, and constantly try new things… enjoy the process before looking to what the outcome should be.

8) What would you like the future to hold for the artists in Northwest Territories?

Continued opportunities to develop and grow as artists, and opportunities to share the art with the rest of the world.

9) If you could partner with anyone in the world living or passed who would it be and why?

I would like to go back to the time of the renaissance and learn how to really fresco and entire ceiling. Working with natural pigments to create something incredible.

10) What is your next big project?

I am prepping to tour some remote areas of the territory long the arctic coast and prepare a large touring exhibit based on the experience.