Our Project Team

"In the end... We only regret the changes we didn't take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make." - Lewis Carroll

Davis Heslep

Post Production & Stitching Technician

Passionate for the North, Davis is an audio-visual technical artist who loves to showcase diverse perspectives in the Arctic of both nature and people.

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Jay Bulckaert

Video Technician

Jay Bulckaert is a producer based out of Yellowknife in Canada's great white North. Jay runs one of the most unique film studios in Northern Canada called Artless Collective. He is passionate about the North and loves helping other people tell their own stories.

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Jeremy Emerson

Project Manager

Jeremy Emerson is a filmmaker based out of Yellowknife who splits his time as a videographer/ Producer and providing film training. He started his career shooting and editing independent music videos and working as a Production Assistant on Vancouver based Television shows.

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Keating Smith

Video Technician

Just over 5 years in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Keating Smith is known as an astro-cinematographer. He is known for his love behind the camera capturing the stellar displays of Northern Lights up in the sub-arctic.

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Pablo Saravanja

Drone Operator & Logistics

Pablo was born and raised in the Northwest Territories. His professional career began at the Western Academy of Photography studying photojournalism, and continued at the Gulf Islands Film & Television School, making documentaries.

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Riel Stevenson-Burke

Post Production Technician

A traditional Artist gone Digital, Riel spent a big part of his high school years drawing, painting, and making skateboard videos with his friends.

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Terry Woolf

Logistics Coordinator

Proud Yellowknifer for over 40 years, Emmy nominated Yellowknife cameraman for Outstanding Cinematography for Nonfiction Programming. Terry showcases his Northern Sights project with no barriers of location on the ice and freezing arctic temperatures.

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Travis Mercredi

Post Production Sound Mixing

A Metis Sound Designer from the Northwest Territories. Over the past 8 years Travis has ran an audio business in Yellowknife doing mainly post production for film and video but also radio, theatre, music and live sound production. Also actively involved as a board member in art and media non-profits organizations.

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