About Northern Sights

Northern artists continue to battle against their isolation from audiences, critical contexts, collaborators and new technologies. As a landscape, the place these artists call home is often foreign even though it is considered at the core of Canadian culture. Broadly held romantic ideas of the North consistently butt up against the realities of isolation, poverty, and cultural clashes that plague northern communities and stifle true understanding and action for change.

Northern Sights will utilize 360 video and virtual reality technologies as platforms for NWT artists to reach out to national and international audiences and collaborators in explorations of their unique northern landscape. Participating artists will be trained in and create new works using 360 cameras and surround sound audio recordings to create immersive audience experiences.

Northern Sights​ ​Tour​ ​Stop

Northern Sights is inviting partners (communities, artist-run centres, schools, organizations, galleries, etc) to be part of their 2019 National Tour.This initiative is free to participating NWT communities.  

Communities currently on the tour schedule can add this VR experience onto the beginning or end of a screening. Alternatively, it can travel distinctly on its own to new locations for singular experiences or week-long installations. Tour Stops bring one WAMP Tour Coordinator to set-up, execute and discuss the VR experience to audiences.

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Behchokǫ̀, NT

Fish Eyes by NAHGA

Yellowknife, NT


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